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No matter how experienced you are,
REAL positive change
is VERY likely with me.

Learn to speak fluently, confidently, and free of stress no
matter what life throws your way.'ve probably experienced what it's like to speak publicly while believing things like this:

  • I'll stumble over my words and appear unprofessional.

  • People will notice my nervousness and judge me.

  • Others are more articulate and knowledgeable than me.
  • I'll forget my lines or key points during the presentation.
  • I'm not charismatic or engaging enough.
  • I'll be criticized or mocked for expressing my opinions.
  • I'll be judged based on my appearance rather than my content.

...and other hope-destroying sentiments from the "realist" part of you.


But what if we can prove these beliefs wrong?

What if we can practice our way to improved communication?


What if there are a set of key insights and key exercises that can help you to see results at work, in your social life, and even in your family life?

There are.

And I have enjoyed sharing these with people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds over the past few years in my Meetup group.

There is a reason why my group of 750+ people has a star rating of 4.9 stars, and it's simply because I know how to help people.

- David Reynolds

"I never thought I could enjoy public-speaking"

"I had given up hope, and this was truly the final straw, but thanks to David
I'm back on my feet again and happier than ever. I never knew I could do it."
-Sarah W.


Pricing Plans

Here are the plans available if you would like regular coaching. You can also book a free welcome meeting!

  • Meet David to see if he can help you.

    30 min

  • Bronze

    Toda semana
    For lower budgets to ensure that everyone has access to public-speaking training
    • 1-hour of advanced public-speaking training per week
    • Get a summary of the biggest insights from each session
  • Melhor custo-benefício

    Silver Public-Speaking

    Toda semana
    • Get 1 or 2 hours of advanced public-speaking training / week
    • Get a summary of the biggest insights from each session
    • Tasks to complete after each session to aid your progress
    • Includes the 'Speak Up & Stand Out' eBook
    • Includes 'Introduction to Public-Speaking' online program
  • Gold

    Toda semana
    A premium option for those who want maximum
    • Up to 2-hours of advanced public-speaking training per week
    • Written summaries sent to you after each session
    • Tasks to complete during the week to help you progress
    • Receive feedback on self-recorded speeches during the week
    • Priority scheduling
    • Includes the 'Speak Up & Stand Out' eBook
    • Includes several online programs
    • Easily cancel anytime

Public-Speaking Management

Some clients of mine want to speak in front of real audiences, but don't want to have to go through the boring stuff of emailing colleges and other venues.

Nenhum plano disponívelQuando houverem planos disponíveis para compra, eles aparecerão aqui.
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